Friday, 8 August 2014

Gazza, You Forgive

I am scared today

To read the newspapers

 Fed up to see the scenes

 That are not in the dictionary of cruelty

New born babies lay in the pool of blood

 Like wingless termites

 The pigeon had lost its wings

 And the leaves of olive disappeared somewhere

 It is not kite that flies in the sky

It is bombs and missiles

Babies!! They are not drinking

Their mother’s milk

Mothers’ chest is bleeding by gun shots

They have no toys to play

Playing with the left out missiles and gun pieces

The nights are sleepless   with the feared eyes

That are waiting for the din of death

Hey dear people,

 Who had embraced by death,

You are not just dead bodies….

You are the real martyrs who leave their life

For the pride of a homeland

Dear Gazza,

Please forgive

Even if it is not forgivable

The whole world is rising

Their hands for you Gaza,

 I can hear the footsteps of freedom

The ultimate day of freedom will come

And destroy the fibre wall of slavery

Built by the devils

One day the freedom flag will be held

In the soil of blood and coffins

That day the child martyrs will appear

As small stars....

They will sing, dance

And salutes the flag of freedom

And says -Oh Gazza ! You Never Die....

(Note : It is the translation of my poem – ഓ ഗസ്സാ, നീ ക്ഷമിക്കൂ. Hearty thanks to my well-wisher who did her great work)

Saturday, 24 May 2014


He is waiting…

The ultimate fellow-traveler

Following me

 Every day everywhere…

In vehicles, walkways,

In land and ocean …

Even behind the scene

Waiting with damn patience..

Yes… he is following me

One day he will wake me up

In the morning

And will spread dark shades

On my dream.

Yes… the distance

Between he and me

Is only the distance of

My shadow

Yes…. the ultimate

Fellow- traveler DEATH……..

Friday, 23 May 2014


In the river of blood,

 Dead bodies are like

Wingless termites


They had broken the wall

Of human love  

And put the country in fear

They are the devils

 Drinking hot blood 

And sent back the innocent

Children to eternity

Whom didn’t even start to live!!!

That painful image of

A mother with a child

Holding Close to her chest

Touched deep inside

 And I asked myself

" Are humans this much cruel ?''



I have drawn ponds

Paddy fields, hills and 

Forest in my canvas of dream.

But my father erased

All and sketched

Factories and flats.